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Have You ever seen cracked paving slabs on a driveway or patio ?

Usually they look like these on a picture, isn’t it ?

It is called “freeze/thaw damage” and happens because of poor quality flagstones have been chosen due to a different reasons :texture-cracked-paving-slab-1504319-640x480

  • desire to save the money or simply out of ignorance, but generally it is always about low-quality concrete. The quality of the concrete products depends on many factors such as 
  1.  Purity and composition of aggregates
  2.  Class, brand and amount of cement
  3.  Amount of water
  4.  Appropriate admixtures
  5. Technological acknowledgement of manufacturing process 

   Manufacturers are successfully trying to make manufacturing costs lower and reduce (sacrifice) the quality of products. It gives them opportunity to earn more money as You are going to buy a new flagstones in a next 3-5 years.
In addition, after some period (specially after winter), when You will notice a first signs of cracks and dents on Your slabs, they will also sell You a paving sealers (polymer coatings) to brush or spray on Your half-cracked flags in terms to protect them and make them last longer.
These are additional costs SlabsSealerand do not forget about money spent on contractors
  or Your personal time spent on repeated DIY projects.
Now You just have to count the costs of these things mentioned and have to decide – is it worth and would You like to mess around with all that stuff more than once ?

Coin-iconLet’s Count The costs.

The cheapest possible brand new utility paving slabs purchased online will cost You about 12-15£ sq/m. They are very likely to be a very fragile, poor quality concrete slabs called “biscuits”. They are not resistant to mechanical influences and weathering. Thus You are likely to face the freeze thaw damage and efflorescence  which will lead You to purchase a paving sealer. It’s value will be up to half price of pavement’s value (depends on porosity of surface) but let’s take a middle way –  5£ sq/m as You gonna need to do a coating more than once to make it effective.
Finally You get the cost of 17-20£ per sq/m and some wasted time and a lots of hassle. It does not include any delivery or laying expenses of course.
In terms of appearance You get a general utility paving what does not enhance Your driveway or garden much as such kind of flagstones do not add the character to the landscape.

What’s Our Offer ?

High performance Concrete.

Glowstone offers You a manufactured precast concrete paving products and garden ornaments made of very durable concrete known as Stonecrete.500x375-paving-slab It allows us to make a very strong slabs and ornaments suitable for heavy usage unlike vast majority of general paving products. Our flagstones have an absolute density (appears as a perfect smooth finish) so they are completely protected from water penetration what allows them to retain the original appearance and last for many years with no cracks, dents or any other weathering damage. You, in turn, can forget about paving sealers and save the money.
As the material itself is much harder than normal concrete Your pavement will cope with a most of mechanical influences as well, so You are not supposed to repair or swap the slabs – save the money again.
All we are trying to say is – In terms of our products, You just spend money once on product itself and laying it on Your driveway or patio. No more hassle. No additional maintenance costs or hidden charges. You get exceptional quality and unique look of marble and granite stones.

Marble for a price of concrete.

In addition to high density and durability – our Stonecrete paving will add a touch of character to Your property as it fully imitates a different kind of natural polished stones such as marble, granite, malachite, dolomite, sandstone etc.500x375-bricks-granite And even that is not all ! There is a 5 Years warranty on our Stonecrete products.mantas-slabs-500x281

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