High Performance Concrete

At a Glance.

All our cast stone products are made of very durable “New Generation High Performance Concrete” named Stonecrete. 

500x375-bricks-graniteWhy “Stonecrete” ?

This name has been chosen as the main physical and a mechanical properties of this cast stone are very close and even higher than a natural stone has. That is why it is named “stonecrete” instead of just wet cast concrete.

durable pavingWhat is Stonecrete ?

This kind of wet cast concrete has been created by our technologists at 2004 and has had enough time for being tested practically not just in a laboratory. It is based on a principally new solutions in production of architectural concrete by the method called gravity-granulation. It gives an ability to create concrete with very high physical and mechanical properties. The surface of our cast stone differs from regular concrete with absolute density and smooth, shiny surface.

Particularly noteworthy are visual characteristics of Stonecrete. The technology allows us to create any complicated color scheme on a surface of cast concrete, thus gives us an opportunity to imitate any natural or artificial stone or other material, such as granite, marble, malachite and plastic.

All properties mentioned above has been reached by a specially modified mixer where initial concrete granules are getting free of air thus becoming hard at wet stage and gaining very high density. After this stage the concrete granules are placed in to moulds on to high-frequency resonator table where they are taking a desired shape and reaching their highest density.

Apart from special machinery we are using only purest and hardest aggregates such as crushed granite and quartz sand what makes the products to last for a very long period (nearly forever) and gives them perfect results on abrasion tests and freeze/saw tests. As a bonding agent we are using only CEM 1 grade Ordinary Portland Cement (grey and white). And the last important thing is extremely low water cement ratio used (17%) what makes the concrete extremely hard. That ratio is reached by usage of new generation hyper plasticisers on a basis of polycarboxylic resin.

Specification of “Stonecrete” concrete

Compressive strength  EN 206-1    (minimum characteristic N/mm2)  —   C30/37 (cylinder/cube) 460 kg/cm2

Freeze/Saw resistance — F500 (at least 500 cycles)

Water absorption — 1,5% (not more than 1,5% of weight)

Abrasion resistance — not more than 0,2 g/cm2

Deviation of geometrical parameters — +/- 0,5mm

Water cement ratio — 17,0%

Category of surface roughness — A0 (no roughness)

High chloride and gas intake resistance.

Paving Slabs, Stepping Stones, Planters, Veneers